2 Things

Today I learnt something new. You can’t spell ADVERTISEMENT without putting Semen between the Tit.

I watched a vintage movie where an Arab was choosing women for his pleasure. There were plenty of pretty white girls, sparsely clothed or naked, standing in queue. The Arab critically examined their forms, one at a time; sometimes squeezing boobs, sometimes groping ass. Some ladies he would reject by seeing the face only. At the end, he had selected 3 girls. The Manager of this enterprise, a well built lady with arrogance and pride in her eyes, wore a sexy violet outfit that revealed her nipples. She made the 3 girls pleasure the Arab. She was being mean to them and would struck them with a sling stick if they disobeyed her.

Bullship Friendshit

One can ascertain who one’s father or mother is, by DNA test. One can ascertain two individuals are married by a marriage certificate. But there is no proof to logically validate the Bullship Friendshit.With no logic or reason behind it, it is an undefined bullshit imaginary concept. Friendshit is nothing but a wishy washy notion of a fairy tale. Probably some wicked individual might have propagated this idea of Friendshit to weaken opponent’s self-preservation instincts and make it an instrument of self entertainment and gains. I have started to renounce this dirty ambiguous villainous concept. Friendshit is Bullship.